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More than 60 pilots from 16 countries joining Paragliding Accuracy World Cup in Sarangani

PRESS RELEASE – PH skies open 2015 with World Cup of PG Accuracy

Manila, Philippines – Paragliding Philippines Federation, the Municipality of Maasim and the Provincial Sarangani Office, with the Department of Tourism, The City of General Santos and Air Sports Adventure Philippines(ASAP) embark on a historical collaboration to present one of the most spectacular sporting events that the country has ever seen: the Paragliding Accuracy World Cup.

Set for March 27-29, 2015, Sarangani Province shall land in air adventure sports history, to be the country’s first venue of the Paragliding Accuracy World Cup (PGAWC). Gravity•Zero: PGAWC 2015 Series, is the Philippines’ bid to take on the world of Paragliding in accuracy discipline, as it opens the year’s PGAWC Tour.
Paragliding Accuracy World Cup in Sarangani

According to technical lead and ASAP President Buko Raymundo, the PGAWC ideally gathers 26 countries during the 6-leg series with about 90 potential competitors vying for the gold. “We initially targeted 60 pilots for the competition. At the moment, the number of registered pilots is at 65 and still building up so it is a very good start for our first world cup. “

Known for its majestic view of the Sarangani Bay and 300 days flyable weather conditions, the Safi Paragliding Site in Maasim, is bound to cement the reputation of the 12th Paradise as home to international paragliding pilots. “We have returning pilots from last year’s International Paragliding Accuracy Championship, and for us, that is a sure indication that Sarangani Province is a perfect venue for the sport.“
Side Events. Paragliding Accuracy World Cup in Sarangani
Japanese veteran Yoshiki Oka, the world’s oldest competing pilot and ranked 2nd in August is coming back for the PGAWC challenge. Elise Manueke of Indonesia, currently 8th in the world ranking, and who earned 3rd place in IPAC will again take on the skies of the country’s 12th Paradise. David Graupera of Spain, ranked 5th at the last event in Sarangani Province is also getting ready to compete.

“The most interesting thing about accuracy paragliding discipline is that it looks easy, but it is highly technical. The center of the target is about as big as a 5peso coin and because the sport is highly dependent on wind conditions, terrain, skill and mental attitude of the pilot, the results are very unpredictable.”

Sanctioned by the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI), pilots at Gravity•Zero will be judged by the most exacting technical delegates of the PGAWC Team, from Europe and Asia. “In paragliding accuracy discipline, there are no gray areas. Everyone will see that there can be no other way that a pilot will get the perfect score but to fly perfectly and land perfectly on the target. It is really all about the flight,” added Raymundo.

Paragliding Philippines Federation (PGP) Secretary General, Dennis Baltazar added that the pilots of the Philippines have been preparing themselves, honing their skills in the sport for 3 months. “Our pilot-athletes have had certification and progression trainings with ASAP and Sarangani Paraglide as early as November. Different teams have had their sessions at the Safi Fly-site as well to get a feel of the conditions of Sarangani leading to Day Zero. The preparations have been challenging and at the same time really exciting. We’re crossing our fingers that our efforts will all pay off in the end.”

Gravity•Zero is sponsored by Safi Agro, SM, Globe Telecom, Pioneer Insurance, Tribu and Headware. The event is made possible with official media partners PBNET, Business World, official tour partners WGATA, and official hotel partners Sydney Hotel, 3G Garden Hotel and Sarangani Highlands.

Hashtag RIP Jam, #PaalamJamSebastian trends as Jam Sebastian of Jamich dies

Jam Sebastian of the Youtube sensation Jamich has died this morning, March 4, 2015.

The report was confirmed by Jam's mother Maricar saying that Jam passed away at around 10:30 in the morning.

Mich Liggayu, his fiancee, also posted on Facebook about Jam's passing away and thanked God for he would not suffer anymore. She also asked their fans and followers for prayers for Jam and his loved ones. Jam Sebastian has been battling stage 4 lung cancer for years.

“Pray tayo ulit. But this time mag thank you tayo kasi magiging happy na si Jam with God. Di na siya mahihirapan. Let’s pray na mapuno siya ng love and peace. Angels of God, embrace Jam. Protect him. Lead him, God,” said Mich in her Facebook account.


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