T'nalak Festival 2012 Blog Writing Contest
Title: An Open Letter to South Cotabato
Submitted by: Grace Nidoy from Columbio, Sultan Kudarat

"Dear South Cotabato,

There are so many things I wanted to tell you before we ended our four year relationship. Ours was not a conventional run-of-the-mill kind of story so you can imagine how painful it was for me when I left. But rest assured that I did not write this letter to destroy your reputation. I wrote this as a celebration of my undying love for you.

 Let me run down some things that I’ve always wanted to say.
  •    I thank you for teaching me how to speak Ilonggo. Sure, there are many Ilonggo speaking locals in my hometown but it was you who made me realize that it is a romantic language I’d rather use than French and Spanish. My friends are always fond of hearing me speak your language when I try to express the malambing side of me..."  [read the whole entry..]
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