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3 Online Resources to Check Out for Productivity and Cost Efficiency

For a business to thrive and compete in a marketplace, tools that aid in ensuring efficiency and cost savings are vital. Now, make no mistake, these tools don’t have to be pricey. There are tools out there that are either free or low-cost and deliver essentially the same quality their costly equivalents provide. Consider the following three tools below: 

1. JetRadar.com Business sometimes requires travel. And for the business owner keen on keeping his costs down, cheap airfare is the perfect choice. Nowadays, however, with the very intense competition in the airline industry, airlines are keeping their best offers to themselves through their own corporate sites or their partner third-party sites, which results in the deal seeker “traveling” from one site to another to search and compare and eventually find the promotional offer that suits his travel needs best. JetRadar.com is a metasearch engine that sifts through more than 700 individual airline sites and hundreds of flight and travel sites for the cheapest available airfare tickets, and makes the collated data readily accessible in one web address. This ensures the most value for your money while allowing you to preserve the time and energy you otherwise would have to use up in searching for the best airfare deal. 

2. PickyDomains.com A real businessman knows that the name assigned to his business, product or service is a name that should aptly describe what his business is all about. This may be a good brainstorming exercise, especially if you have a partner willing to burn the midnight oil with you. But once you run out of ideas, you can always turn to branding agencies for help. Then again, keep in mind, these agencies can charge up to thousands of dollars for their services. In business since 2007, PickyDomains is an online naming platform that capitalizes on the power of crowdsourcing to come up with names, slogans and website domains that are catchy, unique, easy-to-pronounce and appropriate. PickyDomains now has 50,000+ registered members pitching out suggestions. To instantly receive naming recommendations, simply register with the site to become a client, make an upfront payment of $50 if you’re looking for a name or domain (or $75 for a slogan) and specify your naming restrictions. And in case none of the suggestions sent your way are to your liking, the service offers a money-back guarantee. 

3. Bitrix24.com CRMs and intranets are just two of the many tools available in the marketplace that promote efficiency in the workplace. Oftentimes, however, these tools may either be complicated or too expensive for businesses that are just starting out. Bitrix24.com is a social enterprise solution that’s completely free for small enterprises consisting of a maximum of 12 members. Bitrix24 unites several different work applications into a single platform, essentially your one-stop work station – CRM for sales and transactions, live streaming, calendar and activity planning, file and document uploading and sharing, project management, intranet, among many others. Further, Bitrix24 is cloud-based, meaning, installation is not required and the application can be accessed anywhere where there’s Internet connection, whether that’s via a smartphone or your web-based browser on your PC. For larger businesses, an upgrade to unlimited users stands at $99 monthly.
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