So many of our kababayan especially youth who intends to enter the Philippine Military Academy and take the PMA Entrance Examination (Philippine Military Academy) has been visiting one of our blogs and inquires about the PMA Exam for 2013. They are asking things like when is the exact date (PMA Entrance Exam 2013 Schedule) and also the List of PMA Examination Testing Centers. The good news is that the official website of the Philippine Military Academy or PMA is now back, so many informations are posted on the website regarding the academy and its programs and of course the PMA Entrance Exam. You may visit the official website of PMA in this link.

And for the benefit of those who cannot access the official website of PMA, we are posting here at SouthCotabato.Org the application form for the PMA Entrance Exam, PMA Entrance Exam Schedule, the list of requirements, list of PMA Entrance Exam Testing Centers , PMA Entrance Exam Results and other updates about the academy. 

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